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Reliable Controls is a proud member of the United States, Canadian, and Australian Green Building Councils and have LEED certified facilities around the globe.

Learn how the Reliable Controls MACH-System can maximize the LEED points on your next construction project, LEED for New Construction (LEED-NC), or your existing building, LEED 2009 for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance (LEED-EB)

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BACnet® has been designed specifically to meet the communication needs of building automation and control systems for applications such as heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning control, lighting control, access control, and fire detection systems.

The BACnet protocol provides mechanisms by which computerized equipment of arbitrary function may exchange information, regardless of the particular building service it performs.

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From individual buildings to entire communities, Green Star is transforming the way our built environment is designed, constructed and operated.

Launched by the Green Building Council of Australia in 2003, Green Star is Australia's only national, voluntary, rating system for buildings and communities.


NABERS is a national rating system that measures the environmental performance of Australian buildings, tenancies and homes. Put simply, NABERS measures the energy efficiency, water usage, waste management and indoor environment quality of a building or tenancy and its impact on the environment.

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The EnOcean Alliance develops and promotes self-powered wireless monitoring and control systems for sustainable buildings by formalizing the interoperable wireless standard. EnOcean is the Wireless Standard for Green and Sustainable Buildings.

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A net-zero energy building is a building with zero net energy consumption, meaning the total amount of energy used by the building on an annual basis is equal to the amount of renewable energy generated. A net-zero energy building produces enough energy (as through solar panels or passive heating) to offset any energy consumed.


José Cecilio del Valle Government Civic Center

Tegucigalpa, HondurasJan 2, 2020
José Cecilio del Valle Government Civic Center in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, is the largest public-sector building construction project to date in Central America. The facility was designed to optimize government operations by concentrating most of its public institutions in one location. Over 40 government offices, including the presidential palace, occupy the complex.


Wigram Archives

Christchurch, New ZealandJan 24, 2019
This purpose-built, 3,000 m2 archives facility in Wigram ensures that important material and records with which Christchurch Archives is entrusted, will be preserved in highly secure and environmentally controlled premises.


Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge Plaza & Customs Building

Sault Ste. Marie, ON, CanadaAug 21, 2018
The Sault Ste. Marie International Bridge Plaza and Customs Building (Canadian Customs) is situated on the border between Sault Ste. Marie, ON and Sault Ste. Marie, MI. The building houses the Canadian Border Security Agency, handling both commercial and general traffic.


Dubuque County Courthouse

Dubuque, IA, United StatesAug 1, 2017
The Dubuque County Courthouse is located in Dubuque, Iowa. The current building was built in 1891 to replace an earlier building that was built in 1839. The courthouse serves as the center of county government offices, and is a dominant landmark in the downtown Dubuque area. It is located at Seventh and Central Ave in Dubuque.


Bureau of Reclamation

Ephrata, WA, United StatesMar 8, 2016
The Bureau of Reclamation Ephrata Field Office/Warehouse is a four-storey office building housing government employees who are focused on storing and conveying water and providing infrastructure for agricultural development, flood control, municipal and industrial water, and fish and wildlife enhancement.


Air Mobility Training Centre

Trenton, ON, CanadaFeb 22, 2016
One of the most complex facilities of its kind, the Air Mobility Training Centre (AMTC), located at 8 Wing at CFB Trenton, was built to house the equipment and personnel required to train pilots and maintenance crews for the new CC-320J Hercules aircraft purchased by the Canadian Forces. It will also provide support to Canadian troops serving in combat, as well as for peace keeping and humanitarian missions around the world.


Sir William Logan Building

Ottawa, ON, CanadaFeb 22, 2016
The Sir William Logan is a fully occupied, 21-storey, government services and administration building located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The structure, located at 580 Booth St., has a variety of uses, including assembly and cultural, education and training, industrial, military, office, warehouse, and storage.


Royal Mint Centre

Melbourne, NT, AustraliaAug 27, 2015
The Royal Mint Centre, a 10,000 square meter office facility at 383 Latrobe Street in Melbourne was completed in 1987 and offers the twin benefits of being located in Melbourne's legal precinct and on one of only two streets leading to the prestigious Docklands. The property's sole occupant is the Australian Federal Police, due in large measure to their requirement for a high number of secure parking bays (over 500) and quality controlled access. The facility is Nabers 1.0 Star Energy, 2.5 Star Water.

Australian Federal Police Facility Darwin International Airport

Darwin, NT, AustraliaAug 27, 2015
The Facility at the Darwin International Airport is a five star green star rated, two level administration building including car park, access, and services. The building has been designed to provide environmentally sustainable performance parameters within the Northern Territory's tropical environment. Building environmental management is controlled through a comprehensive Building Management and Control System.


Australian Federal Police Facility Adelaide Airport

Adelaide, SA, AustraliaAug 27, 2015
Completed in 2012, the 2,400 square metre Australian Federal Police Facility at the Adelaide Airport is a multi-storey office complex that serves as the administrative and operational centre for all on-airport duties. The building lies within the airport's Export Park precinct and includes two storeys of office space, undercroft car parking, and boasts a 4-star Green Star and 4.5-star NABERS rating.


Burnside-Gorge Community Centre

Victoria, BC, CanadaAug 26, 2015
Burnside-Gorge Community Centre is Victoria's first LEED Gold award, for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. Reliable Controls MACH-Stats were installed to monitor energy usage and efficiencies.


US Department of Transportation

Washington, DC, United StatesAug 21, 2015
Opened in September of 2006, the United States Department of Transportation headquarters in Washington D.C. consists of a shared underground parkade and two similar towers of eight and nine storeys.


San Ysidro DMV Field Office

San Ysidro, CA, United StatesAug 21, 2015
The San Ysidro DMV Field Office is a LEED-Gold certified building erected to meet the construction benchmarks outlined in the state of California's Global Warming Solutions Act.


Royal Australian Mint

Canberra, ACT, AustraliaAug 21, 2015
The Royal Australian Mint is responsible for producing all of Australia's circulating coins. In 1963 the Government decided to introduce decimal coinage into circulation with dollars and cents replacing pounds, shillings, and pence.


RCMP-K Headquarters

Edmonton, AB, CanadaAug 21, 2015
Located in suburban Edmonton, Alberta, the RCMP "K-Division" headquarters is a labyrinth of laboratories, lecture halls, pistol ranges, and offices. The project marks the first Reliable Controls® MACH-System BACnet® installation.


Malaysian Communication and Multimedia Commission

Cyberjaya, SGR, MalaysiaAug 21, 2015
The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) regulates Malaysia's converging communications and multimedia industries. MCMC's role is to implement and promote the Malaysian Government's national policy objectives for the communications and multimedia sectors.

La Promenade

Ottawa, ON, CanadaAug 21, 2015
Built in 1972, La Promenade Building is a 12-storey federal government structure located one block from the Canadian Parliament Buildings. With the capital buildings in the early stages of a dramatic 25-year rehabilitation project, La Promenade was retrofitted to welcome 62 Members of Parliament and provide 3 committee rooms.


Jefferson County Government Center

Denver, CO, United StatesAug 21, 2015
Set on a 180-acre campus outside of Denver, Colorado, the Jefferson County Government Center was inspired by Thomas Jefferson's famed residence, Monticello. The Jefferson County Government Center is comprised of a 125-foot central rotunda tangent to two semicircular wings that bow out symmetrically into the landscape.

Waterloo City Centre

Waterloo, ON, CanadaJun 27, 2014
Waterloo City Centre includes City Hall, which encompasses both offices and outside tenants. The City of Waterloo is familiar with Reliable Controls products, with many related buildings using the MACH-System, including the Waterloo Public Library, Canadian Clay and Glass Museum, and the Waterloo Memorial Recreation Complex.


Idaho Department of Veterans Services

Boise, ID, United StatesJun 27, 2014
The Idaho Department of Veterans Services is a 511 m2 (5,500 ft2) administration facility, which required the use of low temperature, radiant floor heating coupled to the city of Boise's geothermal supply system.


New US Consulate Compound

Tijuana, BN, MexicoFeb 13, 2014
The new US Consulate Compound includes a vast array of Reliable Controls equipment, used to allow for efficient operation of the buildings within the compound.


Home Ranch Welcome Center

Jackson Hole, WY, United StatesJan 29, 2014
Demarcating the Northern entrance to Jackson, Wyoming's historic downtown, the Home Ranch Welcome Center services as a community hub for both residents and visitors alike.


Summit County Child & Family Learning Center

Akron, OH, United StatesMay 13, 2013
Summit County Child & Family Learning Center is a 400+ occupant, two-storey facility used for learning, government, administration, and county administration.


Chatham-Kent Children's Services

Chatham, ON, CanadaAug 2, 2012
Chatham-Kent Children's Services (CKCS) is an Ontario provincial government organization committed to the emotional, mental, and physical health of children. The services offered by CKCS include child safety and well being, foster care, and protection programs.