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Business development Apr 19, 2023

Why collaboration matters to Reliable Controls Authorized Dealers

Confidence. When you’ve got it—in yourself, your team, and the products you work with—it’s a game changer. At Reliable Controls we’re not just in the business of creating building automation solutions; we’re also inspiring people to bring their own flair to applications. Reliable Controls can set up dealers for success by delivering quality hardware and software, but it’s what a dealer does with the technology that makes all the difference. In a related article we share how we make it our business to instill confidence through collaboration. A few of our Authorized Dealers have a bit more to say.


“The technical support is awesome. They always answer calls quickly and efficiently. We once had an issue on a site 5 hours away. One of my guys went to the site and we Teams called in, but then I had a problem with software licensing on the server. It being a secure site made it hard to access. So I sent an email to the Tech Support team at Reliable Controls, and within 5 minutes I got a response. Lyam offered to do a screen share, so he took control of my computer and took control of the other guy’s computer (at the site), and we were able to get the problem resolved. It’s pretty awesome we were able to achieve the results and not have to worry about waiting 16 hours for someone to get back to us. It was pretty instant! I’ve dealt with Lyam a few times now, and I never get the feeling that a question is too stupid. Tech Support is always there to help, which is a huge thing. As a dealer you want to be able to reach out anytime, or lean on them, which I do a lot. Being remote in New Zealand, we never get to see these people. Having the video calls is kind of cool.”

Todd McBride, general manager at IES Group (New Zealand)
A Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer since 2015





“One of our clients requested information for their QA documentation about how a particular feature within a sensor worked. I explained it to them as best I could but wanted more information so posted a question on the Reliable Controls eForum. Greg Bates, from application engineering, was so helpful in describing exactly what goes on within the sensor and how the feature works. He also put me in touch with Lyam Witherow in the technical support department. I sent Lyam data logs from the sensors, which he interrogated to see exactly what was going on within the sensors. We emailed back and forth for a number of days. Both Greg and Lyam provided me with so much in-depth data that I could formulate and send to the customer, and it blew the customer away. They were so impressed by the support Reliable Controls gave us to provide them with exactly what they had asked for and more. It was really helpful!”

Trevor Lucey, managing director at LCS Control Systems (Ireland)
A Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer since 2005





“In the early days of my company, when I was still working with another vendor, I worried I wasn’t going to live beyond age 45. Sometimes I’d run into huge technical problems while working on a system, and I’d figure it all out in the end, but it was really stressful. I don’t have that stress anymore now that I work with Reliable Controls. Their customer support is great!”

Alvaro Solis, general manager at Solmatec (Costa Rica)
A Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer since 2018






“It’s a product and a company that has a solid reputation and something you can be proud to stand behind. It doesn’t hurt that it’s a Canadian manufacturer, either—customers always like that side of it. The people at Reliable Controls set the company apart. Everyone I’ve met has always been professional, knowledgeable, and very passionate about what they do. I remember one of our technicians calling tech support, and Roland—the owner of the company at the time—answered the phone. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is.”

Jo-Anne MacLean, Calgary branch manager at SERV-ALL Mechanical Services
A Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer since 1987





“We see the culture Reliable Controls nurtures—one of trust, candid communication, and a dedication to helping us grow—and we’ve fostered that culture in our own team so our clients also benefit the way we do. That missing spark, which Reliable Controls now gives us, is something our clients were missing, too. When we look at controls systems that have been abandoned or not used efficiently to get the most out of them, we do what we can for our clients. We try to really empathize with our clients; we want to understand them and know where they’re coming from—not just financially but also their sustainability issues. We make sure our team understands the importance of not just focusing on the money side of things. I think a lot of our people have really changed for the better. Our clients respond to that every day, and we’ve become unique in the market because of it. In addition to being very candid with our clients and trying to help them through all the issues they may have with their systems, we let them know if they want to do more—go further—that’s something we can support them with. We’re not going to block their progress by withholding information so they become dependent on us. On the contrary; we have opened up with our clients in the way Reliable Controls has been open with us.”

Adsinar Cajar Bocek, general manager at COPANAC (Panama)
A Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer since 2016.