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Building sustainability

President’s message: Transparency in the race to net zero

Reliable Controls president Tom Zaban explores how we can help you foster transparency in the race to net zero.

Tech tips

Improve efficiency with equipment rotation strategies

Creating a solid, well-understood equipment rotation strategy is the first step in increasing engineering efficiency. Watch this application engineering video to learn more.

Business development

Open for business

“I want an open system.” If you’re an HVAC professional, you’ve likely heard some version of this request during your career. But what does it mean?


Building intelligence with integrated fault detection and diagnostics

When you see a doctor or personal trainer, you benefit from their knowledge and experience. In the same way, a building automation system should provide all the tools you need to maintain your buildings in optimal health.

Business development

New partners in sustainable building solutions for Australia

Reliable Controls welcomes Oztech Intelligent Systems to its global network of Authorized Dealers.

Building sustainability

RC-Studio: A truly backward-compatible tool

Celebrating nearly 25 years of RC-Studio, the backbone of our suite of building automation tools.

Building sustainability

The Reliable Controls approach to waste reduction

Learn how Reliable Controls promotes a circular economy, starting with design choices.

Building sustainability

A plan for sustainability

Learn about encouraging outcomes of the UN Climate Change Conference and how building automation plays a critical role in achieving global decarbonization goals.

Company focus

In conversation with Mohamed Cengic

Environmental Automation is an Authorized Dealer in Sydney, Australia. Building optimisation manager Mohamed Cengic shares his story.

Company focus

In conversation with Casey Crown

Sunbelt Controls is an Authorized Dealer in Idaho, United States. Boise project manager Casey Crown shares her story.


President’s message: BACnet growth

Reliable Controls president Tom Zaban reflects on 30 years of the BACnet protocol.

What to read next...

Combatting IAQ and health concerns

What are you doing to mitigate the transmission of viruses indoors? Learn what measures you can take and how your smart building provides more information and control for IAQ concerns.

Building sustainability

Hitting the ice: How building automation systems improve air quality in hockey arenas

What does a Zamboni have in common with an arena's ventilation system?


BACnet Listed devices: An important first step

Combatting climate crisis requires us to view the built environment holistically. Learn why open protocols and interoperability matter.


What do you need to know about HVAC and building automation systems?

Energy efficiency improvements are a big driver for consulting engineers who specify HVAC and building automation systems for building clients.

Building sustainability

Game play: How air quality can affect your favorite football team

When every second matters, players should be set up for success. The building automation system can do just that.


Enhancing learning in K–12 schools via building automation systems: MEP roundtable discussion

Learn how students and teachers benefit from building automation technologies.


Strategies for improving IAQ in sports and fitness facilities

Sports and fitness facilities have unique indoor air quality (IAQ) challenges. Learn how to meet the IAQ expectations of every client and balance client goals, energy use, and budget.

Company focus

Reliable Controls Customer Focus: Northstar Organics

Shawn Dirksen breaks down what he likes about his Reliable Controls System.


How smart buildings combat health concerns

Building owners can use sensor technology and centralized building controls to make their buildings safer and more resilient.

Building sustainability

All about particulate matter

Discover particulate matter. Why does it matter, and how can you measure it?


Sustaining indoor air quality

Designing a building automation system? Learn what not to overlook when it comes to indoor air quality for occupants and equipment.

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Designed to evolve with your building and accommodate a wide range of variable air volume (VAV) and room control applications, the Reliable Controls RC-FLEXair® is a BACnet Building Controller (B‑BC) loaded with data-processing power that will inspire confidence in your built environment for years to come.