Press Release   June 1, 2015

Reliable Controls® Gets the Lead Out

Reliable Controls is pleased to announce a significant achievement, completing the company’s transition to a 100% lead-free manufacturing process for all non-legacy products.

Removing the lead from the manufacturing process greatly supports the company’s efforts towards strong environmental stewardship and helps meet the goals of the ISO 14001 system. As a result, Reliable Controls Authorized Dealers are now more competitively positioned in the field, in order to compete for projects with lead-free requirements in product and process specifications.

This effort was the culmination of over a year of research and implementation by a large, cross-functional team with challenges around making the transition from a lead-based solder process in SMT, wave, and hand soldering, to a suitable lead-free alloy that meets or exceeds requirements for both quality and efficiency in a cost-effective manner.

The successful completion of this achievement reflects the smooth transition to a very good quality, high reliability lead-free solder alloy for all areas of manufacturing. This represents an important progression for the company to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly manufacturing process, enhancing sustainability goals, enabling Reliable Controls to produce products with a smaller ecological footprint, while still maintaining the high reliability and high quality standards that Authorized Dealers and customers have come to expect and rely on.

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