Medium General Control Panel

The Medium General Control Panel is a complete assembly of controls and switching relays wired and ready for installation. Customize the Medium General Control Panel with your choice of controllers, relays and wiring, panel door, and transformer input voltage to meet your lighting control strategy, HVAC, and security needs.

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Product features

Easy Integration

  • Includes one MACH-ProView controller, up to two MACH-ProLight or MACH-ProZone controllers, and up to three additional Reliable Controls controllers.
  • Fully assembled with complete low-voltage terminations.
  • Supports industry-standard Panasonic WR-6161K-84 or WR-6172K-84 relays, suitable for all types of lighting load.
  • UL 508A Listed for common line-voltage connections up to 347 VAC.
  • Flexible 120/240/277/347 VAC input options.

Easy Mounting

  • Easily add and remove relays with quick-release spring-clip mounting.
  • NEMA 1 enclosure with standard electrical knockouts.


  • Switch up to four relays with each relay driver output.
  • All switching is zero cross.

Wiring Diagram

  • Panel ships with relay wiring diagram.


  • 5 years.
RoHS 3 Certified

Technical specifications


  • Controller options for the Medium General Control Panel include:
    • One MACH-ProView controller, any model, mounted internally or flush with the panel.
    • Up to two MACH-ProLight or MACH-ProZone controllers, any model.
    • Up to three additional Reliable Controls controllers, any model. Please note the combined length of the controllers must not exceed 55.7 cm (21.9").
    • Refer to the controller catalog and submittal sheets, available in the Dealer Support Center at, for complete details.

Power Supply

  • Choose up to two control transformers.
    • 120/240/277 VAC input, 24 VAC output, 50 or 100 VA with resettable internal breaker.
    • Optional 120/347 VAC input, 24 VAC output, 50 or 100 VA with resettable internal breaker.
  • Optional 12 or 24 VDC 90 W power supply.


  • Supports up to eight relays.
  • Manual override switch with position indicators.
  • Provides relay status on output control wiring.
  • Color-coded terminal screws.
  • Panasonic WR-6161K single-pole relay:
    • 30 A: 120/277/300/347 VAC.
  •  Panasonic WR-6172K dual-latching relay:
    • 20 A: 120/277/347/480 VAC.

Relay Mounting Plate

  • Eight spring-loaded relay plates for tool-free relay removal.
  • Removable barrier for adding relay circuits.

Wire Duct

  • 3.8 cm W x 5 cm D (1.5" W x 2" D) wire duct.


  • UL 508 Listed NEMA 1 enclosure.
  • Removable backplate with Class 1 voltage barrier.
  • Standard flat panel door.
  • Optional hinged panel door.
  • Optional MACH-ProView Panel Mount Kit with flat or hinged door.
  • Ground-wire connection lug.
  • Class 1 voltage compartment for line-voltage terminations.

Terminal Blocks

  • 12–30 AWG (3.31–0.05 mm2).
  • Stranded or solid core.
  • Copper conductors only.


  • 61 cm W x 68.6 cm H x 10.8 cm D
    (24" W x 27" H x 4.25" D).


  • #8 clearance holes on panel back laid out on 16" centers in both horizontal and vertical orientations.

Ambient Limits

  • Operating: -20°C to 55°C (-4°F to 131°F).
  • Shipping: –40°C to 60°C (–40°F to 140°F).
  • Humidity: 10%–90% RH noncondensing.


  • UL 508A Listed.
  • Plenum rated.


Application diagram


Custom Lighting Control Panels


MACH-ProView™ Panel Mount Kit
Seamlessly integrate your MACH-ProView™ controller in an aesthetically pleasing, flush-mounted application with the MACH-ProView Panel Mount Kit. Constructed from durable cold-rolled steel and finished with a high-quality powder coat, the MACH-ProView Panel Mount Kit provides a simple way to install your touchscreen controller on the door of a control cabinet and affords a higher level of environmental protection than the MACH-ProView alone.