Lighting Control Panel

The MACH-ProLight™ Lighting Control Panel is a complete assembly of controls and switching relays pre-wired ready for installation into the electrical system. Panels are built to order as per customers specific requirements allowing a mix of dimming, and switching circuits to be configured specific to the lighting control strategy.

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Product features

Easy Integration

  • BACnet B-BC listed controller.
  • Universal outputs are jumper selectable for relay drive or 0-10 V operation.
  • Flexible mix of dimming and switching loads.
  • Outputs can sink or source current.
  • Single-wire connection to actuate the relay and read status.
  • Compatible with Douglas Lighting 8700 series switches.
  • Switches can connect in parallel with controller output for multi-input switching of the relay.
  • Panels are fully assembled with all low voltage terminations completed.
  • Panels are UL 508A listed for all common line-voltage connections up to 347 VAC.
  • 24 VAC control transformer powers relays, controllers, and associated 24 VAC switching peripherals (light switches, occupancy sensors, and light level sensors).
  • 120/240/277/347 VAC input.
  • Supports industry standard Panasonic RE-WR-6161K-84 series relay, suitable for all types of loads.
  • Quick-release, spring-clip, mounting allows relays to be easily added or removed.
  • Relay driver outputs can switch up to 4 relays.
  • All switching is zero cross.
  • NEMA1 enclosure with standard electrical knockouts.

Powerful Control Options

  • Flexible lighting scheduling.
  • Outputs can be controlled with dimming, switching, and theme (with universal models).
  • BACnet Binary Lighting Output (B-BLO) object, automates Blink Warn function.
  • Graphical PC and mobile interface.
  • Ability to monitor the status of each relay position using output control wire.
  • Connects to low voltage lighting switching system.
  • Connect Lux and occupancy sensors directly to relays or analog inputs.
  • EnOcean Transceiver port for connection of many complementary wireless lighting peripherals.
  • Daylight harvesting control loops.
  • Ability to control plug loads using EnOcean port.
  • Title 24 compliance.
  • OpenADR ready (requires system connection to IP series controller).
  • Emergency lighting control using Functional Devices Inc. ESR240XX relays.
RoHS 2 Certified

Technical specifications


  • MACH-ProLight - any model.
  • Relay outputs up to 16 per controller.
  • Relay outputs can drive 0-10 V 75 mA sink or source dimming loads (up to 8 per controller).
  • Up to 8 universal inputs software configurable to accept 4-20 mA, 0-10 V, thermistor/dry contact.
  • See controller submittal for complete details.

Control Transformer

  • 120/240/277 VAC input, 24 VAC output 50 VA with resettable internal breaker.
  • Optional (347 VAC input, 50 VA).
  • UL listed.


  • Panasonic RE-WR-6161K-84 (single pole), or RE-WR-6172K-84 (dual pole) latching relay 20 A 347 VAC UL listed.
  • Manual override switch with position indicators for ON and OFF.
  • Relay status provided on output control wiring.
  • Color coded terminal screws.
  • RE-WR-6161K-84 relay ratings:
    • 30 A 300 VAC general use.
    • 2,400 W 120 VAC tungsten.
    • 20 A 300 VAC standard ballast.
    • 16A 277 VAC electronic ballast.
    • 1/2 HP at 110-125 VAC.
    • 1-1/2 HP at 220-277 VAC.
    • SCCR 18,000 A 277 VAC.

Relay Mounting Plate

  • 8 spring loaded relay plates for tool free removal or relays.
  • Removable barrier for adding relay circuits.

Wire Duct

  • 1” x 2” wire duct.


  • NEMA1 Type 1 enclosure, steel 16 gauge mild steel base with 16 pre-cut conduit knockouts.
  • Removable backplate assembly complete with class 1 voltage barrier.
  • Flat panel door attached with 4 Robertson screws.
  • Ground wire connection lug.
  • Class 1 voltage compartment for line voltage terminations.

Terminal Blocks

  • 12 to 30 AWG (3.31 mm² to 0.05 mm²).
  • Stranded or solid core.
  • Copper conductors only.


  • 47 cm L x 22.9 cm W x 10.8 cm H (18.5” L x 9” W x 4.25” H).


  • 5 and 16 inch centers on panel back.
  • #8 clearance holes.


  • MPL-LCP-8 fully assembled with 8 relays on backplate weighs 9.24 kg (20.37 lbs).

Ambient Limits

  • Operating: -20 °C to 55 °C (-4 °F to 131 °F).
  • Shipping: -40 °C to 60 °C (-40 °F to 140 °F).
  • Humidity: 10% to 90% RH non-condensing.


  • UL 508A listed.
  • Plenum rated.


  • Electrical connection schedule installed on inside of panel door.




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