SS3 Deep Backplate
Backplate Extender

The SS3 Deep Backplate is an accessory for SMART-Sensor and SPACE-Sensor Temperature devices that facilitates surface mounting without the need to cut an opening in the wall. The SS3 Deep Backplate is ideal for gas sensing models and for installations on concrete or other solid surfaces. Designed to fit and cover single-device electrical boxes.

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Product features

Aesthetic design
  • Matches SMART-Sensor (SS3) and SPACE-Sensor Temperature (SST3) products.
  • Easily installed on concrete and other surfaces that do not permit you to drill or cut a hole.
  • Closed-cell foam gasket included to seal the wall opening.
  • Fits and covers single-device electrical boxes.
  • Facilitates protected surface mount wiring for gas sensing SMART-Sensor and SPACE-Sensor Temperature devices.
  • UL 94HB Flame class rating (3).
  • White or warm gray.
  • Optional conduit coupler.

Technical specifications

Optional conduit coupler
  • For wiring enclosed in 1/2" electrical metal tubing.
  • Deep backplate: 45 g (0.10 lb).
  • Conduit coupler: 5.2 g (0.01 lb).
  • 4 3/4" L x 2 13/16" W x 0.83" H (12.02 cm L x 7.23 cm W x 2.1 cm H).