We offer the following product lines from Belimo Air Controls: Accessory, Ball Valve - Vb, Ball Valve - Vs, Ball Valve - Vss, Butterfly Valve, Characterized Control Valve, Damper Actuator, Economizer, Energy Valve, Epiv, Fire & Smoke Actuator, Flow Sensor, Globe Valve, Htccv, Meters, Piping Packages, Potable Water Valve, Retrofit, Rotary Actuator Fail-safe For Vru, Rotary Actuator For Vru, Sensor, Thermoelectrical Tripping Device, Valve Actuator, Valve Body, Vav, Vav-universal - Room Pressure Controller, Vav-universal - Volumetric Flow / Branch Pressure Controller, Zone Valve, Zonetight.
Below is a highlight of a few of the products. For complete information on products please visit Belimo's website.

The comprehensive line of globe valves is available in sizes from 1/2" to 6" and fulfills the requirements of ANSI 125 and ANSI 250 applications. Utilizing either bronze or stainless steel trim and fitted with either spring return, non-spring return, or electronic fail-safe actuators, globe valves are the perfect fit for applications such as unit ventilation and air handling units as well as water/steam control in other HVAC systems.
Belimo's actuators are designed for use in a wide variety of HVAC damper applications. With comprehensive torque range and the ability to direct mount on standard damper shafts or jackshafts, solutions are available for control dampers, air handlers, economizer units, VAV terminal units, fan coil units, fan shutters and unit ventilators.