What is SmartWire® Cable Management?
SmartWire®, created by Windy City Wire, is much more than wire!

It's a tape measure, a toner, a tester, a label... it's a time saver! Visit the link below for a list of features to show you how low-voltage integrators throughout the country have used SmartWire cable management products to reduce time spent isolating, identifying, labeling and terminating cables.

Reliable Controls offers the following product lines from Wind City Wire:12, 14, 16, 18, 18-4c, 22/3p Sh, 22-2c, 22-4c, 18-4c, 22/3p, 22-2c, 22-4c, 20, 22, 22/1p + 18/2, 18-4c, 22-4c, 22-2c, 23, 24, Consumables, Transporter.

Below is a highlight of a few of the products. For complete information on products please visit Windy City Wire's website.

Feature of SmartWire® Cables

Complete list of Building Wire products