BACnet Data Archiving Software

Continuously downloading building data logs into an industry standard SQL database, RC‑Archive® delivers a robust record of performance from any internet‑connected BACnet® facility.

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BACnet Support

  • Archives Trend Log objects from any IP-connected BACnet system.
  • Archives BACnet Single-point Trend Log, BACnet Multipoint Trend Log and BACnet Runtime Log objects.

RCP Support

  • Archives RCP Trend and Runtime Logs.


  • Logs data without user intervention.
  • Runs as a Microsoft Windows service.
  • Archive size only limited by SQL license and hard disk space.
  • Sends a wide variety of email notifications to user-defined email recipient list using SMTP.
  • Unsent email notifications are stored for analysis.

Rigorous Logging

  • Efficient log file structure.
  • Continues to log data to file system while SQL database unavailable.
  • Multiple simultaneous instances supported.

Easy Setup

  • Wizards guide the operator to provide easy setup.
  • Intuitive data table names created.
  • Simple to archive all Trend Logs and Runtime Logs in a system, network, or controller.
  • Enable All feature allows convenient filtering by point type, interval, descriptor, and instance range.
  • Discover Single Device makes commonly-used devices easy to locate.
  • Create archives from multiple buildings or systems.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Express Edition included with software.

Database Utility

  • Simplifies database backup, restoring, renaming, and purging.
  • Shrink Log Files feature compresses log file to a specific size.
  • Allows correction of corrupt or missing data, with audit log of changes.

Secure Communications

  • Supports encrypted BACnet communications on a BACnet virtual private network (B/VPN) to systems and controllers using RC-RemoteAccess.


  • Requires RC-Studio, or a browser with RC-Reporter, RC-WebView access, or a MACH-ProWeb controller.
  • Graphing with zoom, pan, and paging capabilities.
  • Simultaneously graphs archived data with real-time data.


  • Export to Microsoft Excel.
  • Standard SQL database accessible by third-party applications.

Utilization Monitoring

  • Reports on data collection service usage and available processing capacity.
  • Identifies issues with RC-Archive configuration and enabled trend logs.
  • Provides insight on the risk of data loss.


BTL Listed Device

Tech Specs

Recommended Workstation Requirements

  • All hardware rated for continuous server operation.
  • Intel Xeon E3 3.10 GHz or better.
  • 4 cores must be available for RC-Archive*.
  • x64 system architecture.
  • 16 GB RAM.
  • Hardware RAID in a redundant performance configuration with 10K RMP SAS drives or better.
  • 50 GB hard disk space free, or higher, appropriate for archiving needs.
  • Internet connection required for software download and installation.
  • Gigabit Network Interface Card (server quality).
  • Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard or greater.
  • Microsoft SQL Server 2014 (x64) or greater (purchased separately for databases exceeding the 10 GB SQL Express database size limitation).
  • Dedicated USB 2.0 port for RC-Key licensing (soft license optional).
  • Ensure IT management processes do not allow SQL database size limitations to be exceeded.
  • Maximum Configuration: 40,000 objects per server.

* When multiple products are installed on a single computer: 2 cores per product, plus at least 2 cores for the SQL database.

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SQL Secure Database

RC-Archive provides long-term, continuous archiving of data collected by a Reliable Controls MACH-System.

Installation and configuration is a snap, and archived data can be viewed using the standard RC-Studio Trend Log interface.

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