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Reliable Controls RC‑GrafxSet saves time and money by helping you to create custom graphical interfaces quickly and easily. Choose from thousands of professionally‑rendered images and animations across a broad spectrum of asset categories. Drop the assets into your RC‑Studio System Groups and link them to create opening pages, navigation menus, dashboards, and more. Develop interactive HVAC, lighting, and security graphics. Build real‑time integrated fault detection and diagnostic (IFDD) interfaces. Integrate analytics and charting components. Share the assets showcased in the user library. Enjoy the Request Graphic service which continuously adds user‑requested assets to the software. RC‑GrafxSet makes your graphical interfaces look great!

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Product features


  • Isometric Library - allows users to quickly view and access thousands of images and animations organized in a very efficient graphical user interface. Images are rendered as isometric projections and are organized in over 50 different categories spanning a wide array of HVAC, lighting, and security components, architecture elements, furniture, instrumentation and peripherals. This library includes FlexTiles™ for creating interactive dashboards and Integrated Fault Detection and Diagnostic (IFDD) interfaces.
  • Conical Library - allows users to view and access built-up equipment, rendered in a conical projection. Conical images provide an enhanced and more realistic view of the equipment as the projection is based on a vanishing point on the horizon. Additionally, conical images have integral embedded animations that can be easily enabled or disabled.
  • User Library - allows users to view and access assets that have been developed by other RC-GrafxSet users. All images in this library are submitted to Reliable Controls for evaluation, and if suitable, are approved and uploaded.
  • Updates Library - allows users to conveniently view and access the latest additions to the Isometric, Conical, and User libraries.


  • Download Service - images within the individual libraries can be viewed, dragged and dropped directly from the library, or they can be downloaded as one large Zip file using this download service.
  • Requests Service - submit an image or animation request to our developers and graphic artists using this on-line service. Requests must include a detailed written description and may optionally include an example image attachment (5MB max) or a URL link. The service also allows users to view a historical log of all past and pending requests and the status of any request.
  • Support Service - access technical documentation and other support files from this service.

myGrafxSet Portal

  • Overview - allows users to renew their subscription and view messages from the RC-GrafxSet administrator.
  • Requests - displays the requests submitted by the user.
  • History - displays a detailed history of all assets that were downloaded.
  • Upload - allows users to upload images to be considered for inclusion into the User Library.

Technical specifications

Recommended Server Requirements

  • Intel P4, 2.4 GHz PC.
  • 10 GB Hard Disk Space.
  • 1 GB RAM.
  • SVGA monitor (greater than or equal to 1024 x 768 resolution).
  • Network Interface Card for Ethernet/Internet communications.
  • Browser (Internet Explorer 8+, Chrome 34+, Firefox 28+, Safari 7+, Opera 21+).

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