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Building sustainability Mar 01, 2024

RC-Studio: A truly backward-compatible tool

Our commitment to backward compatibility goes back a long way. In 2000, we released the first version of our RC-Studio software, the backbone of our suite of building automation tools—one that’s still in use today! 
RC-Studio began as a DOS-based BACnet operator workstation program to help dealers and customers program, interface with, and manage the BACnet devices in their buildings. It’s been modernized along the way, but we’re immensely proud that RC-Studio is still what our dealers in 50 countries use every day. It’s the tool they reach for to make a Reliable Controls Burke controller (released in 1986) talk to an RC-FLEXair controller (released in 2021) without the need for third-party gateways or expensive hardware replacement. How’s that for backward compatibility?
When our marketing manager Cameron Lutz was a Reliable Controls dealer, he depended on RC-Studio to connect to devices manufactured long before he came to the job. “A few times we stumbled across an old Reliable Controls system in a building that wasn’t disclosed in the construction documents,” he said. “We could trust that any version of RC-Studio we had on our laptops could connect us to the system, and we were often able to expand the system rather than replace it.”
RC-Studio has been in every Reliable Controls dealer’s toolbox for two and a half decades. If you’re a long-time dealer or customer, we'd love to hear about what features from the past you still use today. Reach out to your regional sales manager or local dealer to let them know!