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Building sustainability Feb 13, 2021

The ART of Building Sustainability #7: Backward compatibility

In 2019 Reliable Controls thoughtfully developed a concept called the ART of Building Sustainability—nine elements of building sustainability that guide the work of Reliable Controls team members and the evolution of its products. 

In addition to the high level of integration between HVAC, lighting, and security systems, building sustainability applies other technological and supporting elements that will endure over the long term. One of these elements demands the use of technology that supports backward compatibility. The way manufacturers respond to new technologies highlights a fundamental challenge in the building controls industry: planned obsolescence. For decades, Reliable Controls has countered this challenge with an ongoing commitment to backward compatibility. When we develop new products and improve existing ones, our customers can be confident in a smooth transition to new technologies—without the need for third-party gateways or expensive hardware replacement.


Will your IoT vendor abandon their legacy technology, or will they provide a way forward that maintains backward compatibility?


The ART of Building Sustainability is a nine-part series aimed at helping you achieve sustainability in the built environment. Learn more about the ART of Building Sustainability