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HVAC/R May 06, 2024

Building intelligence with integrated fault detection and diagnostics

When you see a doctor or personal trainer, you benefit from their knowledge and experience. In the same way, a building automation system should provide all the tools you need to maintain your buildings in optimal health. 
Synthesizing information from the growing amount of data in building systems is crucial to efficient operation, but managing all this data can be daunting. When building managers seek analytics on their data to help them diagnose problems, they often don’t know what’s wrong or even how to fix it. Learning to use analytics to provide meaningful, actionable insights is one way to improve the health of any modern building.
At Reliable Controls, we integrate real-time fault detection and diagnostics capabilities into our products, saving you the time and money involved in tricky data analysis and third-party reporting. Using existing infrastructure, our live fault-reporting technology empowers you to diagnose and resolve issues as they happen—so your facilities run smoothly and efficiently, reducing unexpected downtime and extending the life of your equipment.
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