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Building sustainability Dec 15, 2020

The ART of Building Sustainability #4: Ownership of analytics

In 2019 Reliable Controls thoughtfully developed a concept called the ART of Building Sustainability—nine elements of building sustainability that guide the work of Reliable Controls team members and the evolution of its products. 

In addition to the high level of integration between HVAC, lighting, and security systems, building sustainability applies other technological and supporting elements that will endure over the long term—such as ownership of analytics.

Facility owners, operators, and managers can effectively optimize building performance with timely access to actionable insights. Reliable Controls products allow stakeholders full control over data gathering, formatting, and delivery without the burden of restricted licensing or copyright requirements—so you can quickly turn information into action while retaining full ownership and control of data.


Does your IoT vendor deliver analytics to all stakeholders without relinquishing data ownership?


The ART of Building Sustainability is a nine-part series aimed at helping you achieve sustainability in the built environment. Learn more about the ART of Building Sustainability