Web Enabled Controller

Access and control your facility easily and cost-effectively from the internet using the Reliable Controls MACH‑ProWebSys™ building controller. The unique three-in-one design of the MACH‑ProWebSys combines a BTL-listed BACnet Building Controller (B‑BC), a BACnet Operator Workstation (B‑OWS), and a powerful web server in a single package no larger than a typical controller. The built-in workstation reduces your capital expenditures by eliminating workstation client software, and the built-in web server reduces your operating expenditures by eliminating client license renewals and fees for cloud services. There is no software to download and no IT server to maintain. Every MACH‑ProWebSys can control hundreds of sensors and actuators using standard protocol networks. Backed by the industry-recognized Reliable Controls 5-year warranty and designed to remain backward compatible with previous-generation systems, the MACH‑ProWebSys provides lasting value for generations.

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Product features


  • BACnet:
    • Supports two B/IP subnetworks and B/VPN.
    • Ethernet, MS/TP, and PTP.
  • DHCP: Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol.
  • HTTP/1.1: Hyper Text Transfer Protocol.
  • Modbus:
    • Supports Modbus RTU and TCP communications.
    • Modbus master up to 128 slave devices, or use the controller as a Modbus slave device.
  • SMTP: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.
    • Provides standard email communications for broadcasting email alarms.
    • Supports TLS/SSL security.
  • SNMP: Simple Network Management Protocol.
  • SNTP: Simple Network Time Protocol.
  • SMART-Net.

BACnet Operator Workstation

  • Web server that meets or exceeds the BACnet Operator Workstation (B‑OWS) profile.
  • Access and edit inputs, outputs, values, schedules, groups, alarms, and trend logs.
  • Graph and print trend logs and runtime reports.
  • Render HTML5 animations on System Groups.

Inputs and Outputs

  • 12 onboard inputs with universal ranges.
  • Eight onboard outputs. Outputs 1–4 are wired to unpopulated sockets; outputs 5–8 are universal.
  • Add up to seven MACH-ProPoint expansion modules to accommodate an additional 180 inputs or 120 outputs. MACH‑ProWebSys smoke control models are expandable only with MACH‑ProPoint Input/Output smoke control modules.

1,024 Values

  • Select standard and custom ranges as well as fixed program-driven values.

128 Loops

  • Standard P, PI, or PID controllers for closed loop control.

128 Schedules

  • 14 on/off times for each weekday or exception.

64 Calendars

  • Designate days of the year as holidays.

20 Tables

  • For creating custom scaling functions.

64 System Groups

  • Group related objects on one display.
  • 320 objects per group.

128 Programs

  • Freely programmable control strategy in a readable, BASIC‑like language.
  • 3,200 bytes per program.

Multipoint Trend Logs

  • Store up to eight objects in each trend log.
  • Record values at user-defined intervals.
  • Dynamically assigned.

Single-point Trend Logs

  • Record values at user-defined intervals or based on change of value.
  • Dynamically assigned.

Runtime Report

  • Total the on time and record the on/off times of every binary object.
  • Dynamically assigned.

129 Notification Classes

  • Specify alarm configuration broadcast destination and email recipients.
  • Dynamically assigned.

128 User Passwords

  • Protect access to the system.
  • Assign each user with a username and access level.

128 Arrays

  • Up to 128 elements in a one-dimensional array.

BACnet File Services (BFS)

  • When enabled in RC-Studio 3.6.1 or later, the controller serves as a repository for storing and distributing resource files in the MACH-ProWeb Resource Manager.

24 Custom Units

  • Eight analog engineering units.
  • Eight binary units.
  • Eight multistate units with eight states, 30 characters each.

1,536 Net Ins

  • The maximum number of shares from other devices.

512 Net Outs

  • The maximum number of writes and shares to other devices.

SMART-Net Port

  • Network up to 16 SMART‑Net devices.


  • 5 years.
RoHS 2 Certified WEEE Compliant OpenADR Alliance BTL Listed Device

Technical specifications


  • 147 MHz high-performance 32-bit embedded microcontroller.


  • 8 MB operating RAM.
  • 2 MB nonvolatile RAM for trends and dynamic values.
  • 256 MB Flash EEPROM operating system, database, JavaScript, graphics, and controller configuration.

Supply Voltages

  • 24 VAC ±10% 75 VA maximum, 50/60 Hz.
  • 24 VDC ±10% 25 W maximum.

Communication Options

  • One IEEE 802.3 (Ethernet 10/100BASE-T).
  • Two EIA‑485 ports that support a baud rate of up to 76.8 kbps.
  • One EIA‑232 port that supports a baud rate of up to 115.2 kbps. PC or modem.
  • One SMART‑Net port that supports up to 16 devices on a SMART-Net network.

Browser Support

  • Chrome, Edge, and Safari.
  • JavaScript must be enabled on client.

Onboard Inputs

  • 12 universal inputs.
  • 12-bit A/D converter.
  • Analog: 0–10 VDC, 4–20 mA, thermistor.
  • Binary: Dry contact.
  • Impedance:
    • 1 MΩ for 0–10 VDC range.
    • 250 Ω for 4–20 mA range.
    • 20 kΩ pull-up for thermistor/dry contact range.
  • Pulse counting up to 150 Hz. Supports flow meters.
  • 24 VAC overvoltage protection.

Onboard Outputs

  • 12 bit D/A converter.
  • First four outputs have sockets to accommodate relay, TRIAC, or universal modules. Output modules sold separately.
  • Four universal outputs.
  • Analog: 0–12 VDC.
  • Binary: Software-configurable between 0–12 VDC.
  • Manual on provides adjustable 0–12 VDC for Hand/Off/Auto switches.
  • LED indicator glows proportionally.
  • Output power: 75 mA at 12 VDC.
  • 24 VAC overvoltage and short protection.

Expansion Modules

  • Add up to seven MACH‑ProPoint expansion modules. MACH‑ProWebSys smoke control modules are expandable only with MACH‑ProPoint Input/Output smoke control modules.

Peripheral Power

  • Onboard variable 15–24 VDC power supply provides up to 200 mA of DC power to peripheral devices. If powered with 24 VDC, the maximum voltage output is 22 VDC.

Real-Time Clock

  • ±1 second per day.

Memory/RTC Backup

  • 72-hour backup.
  • 10 years for database.

Wiring Terminals

  • 12–22 AWG (3.31 mm² to 0.33 mm²).
  • Stranded or solid core.
  • Copper conductors only.


  • 25.4 cm L x 13.7 cm W x 3.9 cm H
    (10" L x 5 3/8" W x 1 1/2" H).


  • #8 clearance holes on 23 cm L x 11.0 cm W
    (9 1/16" L x 4 5/16" W).
  • Screw depth 25 mm (1").


  • 1.3 kg (2.7 lb).

Ambient Limits

  • Operating: ‑20°C to 55°C (‑4°F to 131°F).
  • Shipping: ‑40°C to 60°C (‑40°F to 140°F).
  • Humidity: 10%–90% RH noncondensing.



Extended network

Browser user interface

Power wiring

Network wiring

Expansion Modules

MACH-ProPoint™ Input/Output Universal Expansion module
The MACH-ProPoint™ Input/Output Universal expansion module is a flexible, general purpose accessory that allows you to add modular universal inputs and outputs to any MACH-Pro, MACH-ProWeb, or MACH-Pro2 series controller.
MACH-ProPoint™ Input/Output Expansion module
The MACH-ProPoint™ Input/Output expansion module is a flexible, general purpose accessory that allows you to add modular inputs and outputs to any MACH‑Pro, MACH‑ProWeb, or MACH‑Pro2 series controller.
MACH-ProPoint™ Input Expansion module
The MACH-ProPoint™ Input expansion module is a flexible, general purpose accessory that allows you to add modular inputs to any MACH‑Pro, MACH‑ProWeb, or MACH‑Pro2 series controller.
MACH-ProPoint™ Output Expansion module
The MACH-ProPoint™ Output expansion module is a flexible, general purpose accessory that allows you to add modular outputs to any MACH-Pro, MACH-ProWeb, or MACH-Pro2 series controller.


Reliable Controls offers six equipment enclosures that provide an economical, professional, and branded solution for control equipment protection. Purpose-built for the controls industry, the enclosures maximize the number of Reliable Controls devices that can be accommodated.


The Universal Output Module (UM) provides a standard Reliable Controls 0-12 VDC 75 mA output. Built-in overload and short-circuit protection. Modulating or digital range configured using RC-Studio®. Sold in packages of ten.

The Relay Module (RM) is a Single Form C SPDT dry contact, 24 VAC/DC, 0.5 A. A jumper is provided to select normally open or normally closed operation. Ideal for switching low current and/or DC loads. Sold in packages of 10.

The TRIAC Output Module (TM) is a single normally open contact for 24 VAC loads only, 0.5 A. Ideal for switching 24 VAC control circuit loads found in packaged HVAC systems, and 24 VAC two-position or floating point actuators. Sold in packages of 10.


DIN Rail Mounting Kit Mounting convenience
The Reliable Controls® MP-DINRAIL™ is a two piece ABS adapter that is custom designed to convert the standard MACH-Pro(Web)Com™, MACH-Pro(Web)Sys™, MACH-ProPoint™, and MACH-Pro1/2™ enclosures to be DIN rail mountable.