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Security solutions Dec 03, 2021

Secure manufacturing facilities with RC-Passport


Site-specific security for manufacturers and distributors

With operations running around-the-clock and a constant flow of site visits from suppliers, contractors, and outside shipping personnel, manufacturing and distribution centers require flexible security solutions to effectively monitor location activity. Using RC-Passport® technology, users can define which doors and bays are open or locked at specific times and monitor entry and exit points with coordinated video and other security devices via an intuitive calendar-based interface. This fully customizable system enables facility managers to maintain complete situational awareness and strict control of who has access to restricted areas and under what conditions.

Through an integrated BACnet network, building managers who operate industrial spaces can reduce energy consumption by associating RC-Passport access and security activity to BAS functions. Linked systems can turn on and off HVAC and lighting in areas of buildings based on room use and staff credential information acquired directly, in real time, from the security database.


System advantages

• Protects business-critical equipment, data, and warehoused assets

• Highly scalable technology, from simple door-control applications to large, multisite environments

• Unified intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control, intercom, and other notification systems

• Access to facility areas based on an individual’s permission level and defined schedule

• Security credentials restrict operation of complex machinery to qualified employees

• Full entry-point management for vehicles and personnel