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Company focus Jan 12, 2023

In conversation with Kim Jongyeob

In conversation with...

Kim Jongyeob

CEO of Neomate in South Korea
A Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer since 2021

Tell us about yourself.

I am Kim (family name) Jongyeob (first name), born in 1961 in the southern area of South Korea. I have two children. My favorite hobbies are playing golf and traveling.

Kim Jongyeob


What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about trying new things and betting on the winner in any game.


What attracted you to the building automation industry?

On graduating from the Kyungnam University, where I completed a degree in mechanical engineering, I worked for 17 years in HVAC design and construction management for building facilities associated with the Samsung Group. We used to install building automation systems, test drive them, and hand them over to the building users. In March 2002 I founded Neomate and have been managing it until now.


Define success.

When I’m willing to accomplish what I desperately want, and I’m satisfied with it, and the other person recognizes it.


How would you like to see the industry develop?

I believe we will develop as we dream. The development of the mobile phone industry shows how the industry has changed over the past years. I think buildings will be able to change in much the same way as cell phones have with AI, for example, so that all the elements in buildings will be connected. I believe this will be done with the development of building automation systems. I encourage my clients to change the way they do things by working with Reliable Controls instead of the systems they are used to so far, such as Honeywell and Johnson.


Tell us about a project you’re particularly proud of.

After I started my business, I delivered my product to the main building of Samsung Electronics.


What does sustainability mean to you?

This is very difficult to answer. I think it is more than corporate profit-seeking; it lives up to society and the environment, and it means everyone is happy and developing.


How do you demonstrate to your clients that you are people they can rely on?

I have to keep my promise first. And I have to think about the customer’s interests.


What do you like most about working with Reliable Controls?

I like that Reliable Controls tries to solve even small requests from customers. Business responsiveness is fast, and the internal systems—education and bidding, for example—are advanced.