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Company focus May 29, 2023

2022 Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer awards

"We strive every day to exert a beneficial influence on the built environment, on the people who live within it every day, and on its impact on the planet. Reliable Controls can be successful in neither our mission nor our business without the engaged effort of our friends and partners in the Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer network around the world.

"Effective partnerships require mutual trust, support, and investment. This partnership is critical to us and something we do not take for granted. We are eager for opportunities to express our appreciation and to recognize those dealers who demonstrate exceptional engagement with Reliable Controls, commitment to their teams and customers, and an effective entrepreneurial spirit. The sustainable success of Reliable Controls is directly linked with that of Reliable Controls Authorized Dealers. As a team, we take action every day to benefit people, protect the planet, and make a little profit along the way. But most importantly, together Reliable Controls and Reliable Controls Authorized Dealers are people and technology you can rely on."

—Levi Tully, executive vice president of sales

The Most Valuable Player of the Year award acknowledges the dealer in each region who consistently demonstrates exceptional performance in the following areas:

  • Achieves excellence in all aspects of business
  • Gives feedback when called on
  • Helps at local tradeshows and events
  • Represents Reliable Controls in the most
    positive light possible


The Entrepreneur of the Year award acknowledges the dealer in each region who consistently demonstrates exceptional performance in the following areas:

  • Outstanding growth, and/or
  • Breaks into a new market that was
    inaccessible in the past, and/or
  • Successfully applies product to a new,
    non-traditional market


The Top Sales of the Year award acknowledges the dealer in each region who achieves the highest total sales.


The Education award recognizes exceptional corporate dedication to training. We use a secret algorithm that creates fair conditions for all dealers, small and large, and considers these criteria:

  • Number of students sent to RCAD training
  • Number of students who have achieved Level 3 certification
  • Number of eLearning exams passed
  • Number of students who attended other classes
    (for example, advanced BACnet, sales training)
  • Number of users sent to operator training

"It is always interesting and enlightening each time I sit down to look at training participation and determine who will be the recipient of the annual training award. I’m never sure which dealer is going to step up and show extraordinary dedication and investment in training and leveling up the skills of everyone in their business. This year’s recipient is from my hometown of Fort Collins, Colorado. Colorado Controls completed the most eLearning, attended the most instructor-led training, and made excellent use of the operator training videos. It is with great appreciation that I thank and recognize Colorado Controls with the 2022 Reliable Controls Education award."
—Nathan Wilson, Training manager


The Million-Dollar Milestone award acknowledges dealers who reached over $1,000,000 in historical purchases with Reliable Controls. This milestone signifies a strong commitment to Reliable Controls and denotes a dealer of distinction.


We congratulate all seven Million-Dollar Milestone award recipients. 


The 10 Million-Dollar Milestone award celebrates dealers who achieve over $10,000,000 in historical purchases with Reliable Controls. This very significant milestone substantiates a strong and long-lasting commitment to Reliable Controls and provides a testimony of satisfaction from customers with great trust in this dealer of excellence.