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Company focus Mar 17, 2023

In conversation with Osiris Blanco

In conversation with…

Osiris Blanco,
Controls technician at Solmatec, in Costa Rica
A Reliable Controls Authorized Dealer since 2018

Regional Sales Manager: Karina Silva


What attracted you to the building automation industry?

I’m an electrical engineer. I started my career in power engineering. Switching to controls was one of the best opportunities I’ve had—the more I learn about this industry, the more I love it! Every day I have new challenges, which can be stressful, but overall I just love solving new problems. I also enjoy how my work environment changes from a shopping mall to an airport or medical facilities. It’s so satisfying to work with such knowledgeable people and to learn from them. That’s what I’m passionate about.


I started with Solmatec 4 years ago. Alvaro, the owner, married my aunt. Working in a family business is rewarding; we care about each other’s success. Alvaro always looks for ways to help me grow by giving me extra challenges, bit by bit. Knowing he’s there to support me gives me a lot of confidence.


Define success.

Society often gives us a list of things we need to accomplish to be considered successful. To me, success lies in looking at your life and being content with what you’ve done. If I had to leave this life today, I want to say it was a life worth living.


You’re based in a rural area of Costa Rica. How do you get people interested in building automation?

Our community, Zarcero, is quite small, so Alvaro wants to create employment opportunities. For example, we collaborate with technical colleges, giving students the opportunity to get hands-on work experience with us. We invite those who excel—like our current graphics folks—to join our team. We also look at what the local needs and demands are. People here in the Alajuela province dedicate themselves to agriculture and cattle raising, so we’re exploring how to generate business in those markets. We intend on growing our team but slowly. Sustainably. Giving our current customers high-quality service is our first priority.


What’s it like to work in a male-dominated industry?

From the moment you embark on an engineering degree, the atmosphere is very masculine. In Costa Rica there aren’t many women in the field. At times it can be complicated, but you just need to adjust. I think the key is to remain true to yourself; don’t lose the essence of being a woman by trying to be treated like a man. Why not offer a different perspective? In the relationships I’ve built in this industry, with all my male colleagues—especially here at Solmatec—I am respected. They have learned to value what I bring to the table. I always try to learn from whomever I’m working with, whether it’s the lead engineer or the technician pulling wires.


Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome?

I think we all have times when we think a success wasn’t thanks to our abilities or experience but was a coincidence. I try to remind myself I’m solving problems today that I wouldn’t have been able to 4 years ago. I say to myself, “I did that!” I know I still have lots to learn, and many people help me, but it’s the small wins along the way that help me know I’m gaining knowledge.


Dare to dream: Is there something you’d really like to accomplish?

I’ve always wanted to go to Egypt and Peru. I’m very curious about Machu Picchu. Professionally I’m absolutely happy where I am, but I do have ambitions within the company as I gain experience. The most important thing for me is to share my accomplishments, big or small, with those dearest to me. COVID-19 was a wake-up call for us all, reminding us how fragile life can be. For me it’s about celebrating every moment.

"I am so thrilled to have Osiris in our dealer network. In a traditionally male-oriented industry, she has proven that women can bring unique abilities to the table and be as successful as men. It truly is an honor and pleasure to work with Osiris—a beautiful person and a skilled professional in her own right. She’s not special because she is a woman, but it IS special to have her as part of the team." 
— Karina Silva, regional sales manager


The Solmatec team (from left to right): Cesar Pérez, Osiris Blanco, Alvaro Solis, Lucia Alvarado, Douglas Roque, and Andrés Reyes.